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Metal Bellows expansion joints offer a cost effective alternative to other expansion devices while optimizing the productive life of a piping system. They are 

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Pipe expansion joints are necessary in systems that convey high temperature substances such as steam or exhaust gases, 

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This problem can be counteracted by expansion joints from BOA. inherent flexibility of a pipeline to compensate the pipe expansion (natural compensation).

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BOA expansion joints are used in a wide variety of piping applications to compensate for thermal pipe expansion or contraction, and to absorb equipment  

Definition of the use of Expansion Joints (Bellows) in Piping Systems

Metallic Expansion Joints are installed in pipe work and duct systems to prevent damage caused by thermal growth, vibration, pressure thrust and other 

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121 Results Find a wide selection of EPDM, neoprene and PTFE doublesphere and EPDM and neoprene singlesphere expansion joints in a variety of sizes at 


High None. Expansion joints are used to absorb lateral displacement. type) and corners (bent pipe pressure balanced type) of piping in high places where.

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Flexicraft Industries manufactures all types of metal expansion joints, rubber in all directions, and generates no pressure thrust loads on pipe anchors.

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Axial installations include main anchors, guides and supports sufficient to direct the pipe or tube travel axial to the centerline of the expansion joint.